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Last Price
Fair Value
Market Cap
20MICRONS 20 Microns Limited 0.22K 242.00 7.64B
3IINFOLTD 3i Infotech Limited 0.04K 50.00 6.45B
3MINDIA 3M India Limited 38.80K 50440.00 437.38B
5PAISA 5paisa Capital Limited 0.50K 650.00 15.61B
A2ZINFRA A2Z Infra Engineering Limited 0.02K 25.00 3.41B
AAKASH Aakash Exploration Services Limited 0.01K 18.00 1.42B
AAREYDRUGS Aarey Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Limited 0.05K 68.00 1.47B
AARON Aaron Industries Limited 0.27K 345.00 2.66B
AARTIDRUGS Aarti Drugs Limited 0.53K 692.00 48.92B
AARTIIND Aarti Industries Limited 0.70K 914.00 254.81B
AARTISURF Aarti Surfactants Limited 0.70K 913.00 5.95B
AARVEEDEN Aarvee Denims and Exports Ltd. 0.03K 39.00 722.64M
AARVI Aarvi Encon Limited 0.13K 172.00 1.95B
AAVAS Aavas Financiers Limited 1.78K 2006.00 140.48B
ABAN Aban Offshore Limited 0.07K 85.00 3.83B
ABB ABB India Limited 8.24K 8976.00 1.75T
ABBOTINDIA Abbott India Limited 28.55K 37118.00 607.00B
ABMINTLLTD ABM International Limited 0.06K 80.00 582.36M
ACC ACC Limited 2.71K 3009.00 509.10B
ACCELYA Accelya Solutions India Limited 1.93K 2510.00 28.82B
ACCURACY Accuracy Shipping Limited 0.01K 17.00 1.97B
ACRYSIL Acrysil Limited 0.49K 643.00 20.78B
ACE Action Construction Equipment Limited 1.44K 1588.00 171.89B
ADANIENT Adani Enterprises Limited 3.11K 4038.00 3.54T
ADANIGREEN Adani Green Energy Limited 1.76K 2285.00 2.78T
ADANIPORTS Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Limited 1.50K 1632.00 3.23T
ADANIPOWER Adani Power Limited 0.71K 768.00 2.74T
ATGL Adani Total Gas Limited 0.90K 1175.00 994.23B
ADANITRANS Adani Transmission Limited 0.89K 997.00 1.14T
AWL Adani Wilmar Limited 0.33K 374.00 430.58B
ADFFOODS ADF Foods Limited 0.23K 304.00 25.69B
ABCAPITAL Aditya Birla Capital Limited 0.23K 248.00 586.38B
ABFRL Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited 0.33K 356.00 332.95B
BIRLAMONEY Aditya Birla Money Limited 0.17K 216.00 9.44B
ABSLAMC Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited 0.71K 813.00 204.02B
ADORWELD Ador Welding Limited 1.47K 1915.00 20.03B
ADROITINFO Adroit Infotech Limited 0.02K 23.00 941.49M
ADVENZYMES Advanced Enzyme Technologies Limited 0.38K 432.00 42.05B
ADVANIHOTR Advani Hotels & Resorts (India) Limited 0.07K 91.00 6.48B
AEGISCHEM Aegis Logistics Limited 0.79K 1028.00 277.69B
AETHER Aether Industries Limited 0.90K 1037.00 118.90B
AFFLE Affle (India) Limited 1.42K 1587.00 198.73B
AGARIND Agarwal Industrial Corporation Limited 1.26K 1633.00 18.81B
AGI AGI Greenpac Limited 0.84K 1098.00 54.64B
AGRITECH Agri-tech (India) Limited 0.20K 255.00 1.17B
AGROPHOS Agro Phos (India) Limited 0.05K 62.00 967.07M
ATFL Agro Tech Foods Limited 0.87K 1005.00 21.31B
AGSTRA AGS Transact Technologies Limited 0.08K 109.00 10.17B
AHLADA Ahlada Engineers Limited 0.12K 155.00 1.54B
AHLUCONT Ahluwalia Contracts (India) Limited 1.44K 1872.00 96.46B
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