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Sensex panel is a stock market research and analysis platform. It has distinguished features to design stock market portfolios and manage existing ones. Additionally, the Stock Pick feature is also available on the sensex panel platform.

Yes! Using the design portfolio feature you can create a high-performing stock market portfolio by selecting a sector.

In addition to sectors, you can design your portfolio using your investment size, duration of investment, and risk appetite.

Using the prebuilt portfolio feature you can design your stock market portfolio based on available models with specific attributes. For example, If you choose a Growth Stocks model the system will recommend stocks that have high growth potential.

The Sensexpanel platform uses its intelligent system that is based on both the technical and fundamental aspects to picking the high-performing stocks for you. The stock picks go through further analysis and strict risk management criteria before being recommended.

The elite stock picks are given based on specific attributes of a stock such as growth, dividend, etc while the sector wise picks are the top-performing stocks in the given sectors.

Using my portfolio feature, you can track the performance of your existing stock portfolio. The system will provide all the technical and fundamental details including exit levels for the stocks in your portfolio with the progress of the market.

The health and scoring levels help you monitor and analyze the performance of the stock based on various factors. These scores are calculated using the sensex panel’s high-end scoring method. Each scoring level is calculated based on multiple factors and each of these factors has its weight that is used while calculating the final score. 

The company search feature is a quick way to find all the technical and fundamental information about a particular stock. 

You cannot distribute stock picks or stock reports obtained from the Boursepanel platform.

Yes, you can create a watchlist. You can also create a country-specific watchlist and set a default watchlist.

Yes! We offer a white-label solution.

Yes! We offer a ten days Free Trial. Please head to the pricing page to sign up for a demo account.

We are using multiple data sources like Yahoo Finance, Tweleve Data, Trading View, Trendlyne, Investing.com and Stock News API.