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Stock Search

The Stock Search feature in SensexPanel simplifies the process of researching and analyzing stocks in the Indian stock markets. It enablesIndian investors to quickly access comprehensive financial and technical reports for any givenIndian stock. The stock search simply eliminates the challenges and time-consuming nature of gathering such valuable information.

Boursepanel Company Search

Comprehensive Stock Checklist

The stock report includes various checks and evaluations to assistIndian investors in making the right decisions. The report assesses several factors, such as earning growth in the last four quarters and the previous quarter, revenue growth in the last four quarters and the previous quarter, and the company's ability to generate additional revenue.

It also examines the stock efficiency in using equity capital and assets, its net profit generation, dividend returns, and its debt levels. Moreover, the report analyzes the company's ability to cover short-term liabilities and its rankings within the top 10 lists of its sectors and industry. Key performance indicators such as ROE, ROA, net profit margin, earning growth (yoy), revenue growth (yoy), and PE ratios are also considered.

Additionally, the report evaluates the stock's price growth, fair value, discount from 52-week highs, and previous month's levels, as well as technical indicators like Stochastics, RSI, and the position relative to Bollinger bands.

The report also highlights the stock's performance compared to the index in the last month and quarter. With these comprehensive checks, the Stock Search feature equipsIndian stock investors with valuable insights for their investment decisions.


Trade Recommendation

The platform also offers trade recommendations, providing entry levels, take profit targets, investment percentages, and expected timeframes to achieve the target.

Stock Health and Scoring Levels

The stock report also includes Stock Health and Scoring levels such as the Value Score, Growth Score, Quality Score, Technical Score, and Total Score.

Fundamental and Technical Report

The stock report combines technical analysis and fundamental analysis to provide a well-rounded evaluation of the stock. Technical analysis examines historical price patterns, trends, and indicators to forecast future price movements and identify optimal entry and exit points.

On the other hand, fundamental analysis delves into the company's financials, including revenue, earnings, assets, and liabilities, to assess its intrinsic value and growth potential. By combining these two analyses, the stock report provides investors with a comprehensive understanding of the Indian stock's technical and fundamental aspects.