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Stock Health and Score

Evaluating the health and score of stocks is crucial for investors to gain insights into their future potential, especially in the ever-evolving Indian stock markets. With SensexPanel's Stock Health and Score feature, Indian investors can analyze various aspects of a stock's health and score, including growth score, technical score, value score, and institutional score. Our platform employs a sophisticated scoring methodology that considers multiple factors specific to the Indian market, assigning weights to each factor to calculate the final score.


Stock Health and Score

SensexPanel Health and Score Evaluation

Each scoring level on SensexPanel is derived from a combination of key factors, carefully selected to assess the health and score of Indian stocks. For instance, the value score incorporates essential financial indicators tailored to the Indian context, such as margin of safety, forward earnings per share, equity return, assets, and profit margins.

Similarly, the technical score incorporates specific technical indicators like Bollinger bands, moving averages, and relative strength index, providing a comprehensive evaluation of the stock's technical health in the Indian markets. The platform provides various health and scoring levels such as the following



  • Value Score
  • Growth Score
  • Quality Score
  • Technical Score
  • Total Score
Health and Score