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Prebuilt Stock Portfolio Models

SensexPanel's Prebuilt Stock Portfolios Models offer a hassle-free solution for building a high-performance Indian stock market portfolio. The prebuilt portfolio models cater to different investment preferences and strategies. These models provide ready-made options to easily build your Indian stock portfolio with specific options.

Investing in stocks with distinctive attributes is time-consuming and challenging. With SensexPanel's Prebuilt or Model Portfolios, you can overcome these hurdles with a single click. Simply choose a prebuilt model portfolio from the available list and input your investment size. Our platform will then curate a selection of Indian stocks based on the chosen model, covering various sectors while considering your specific requirements. 

Model Investment Portfolio

Explore a range of prebuilt stock portfolios on SensexPanel

The platform goes a step further by providing you with precise investment allocation for each stock and takes the guesswork out of portfolio building. Additionally, you can easily browse through your newly created stock portfolio or download it in PDF format for further analysis and reference.

  • Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Model
  • Radhakishan Damani's Model
  • Akash Bhanshali Model
  • Growth Stocks Model
  • Value Stocks Model

Streamline your investment process and gain exposure to well-constructed prebuilt or model portfolios designed to deliver optimal performance in the Indian stock market. Let SensexPanel's Prebuilt stock Portfolio Models be your shortcut to building a successful investment portfolio.