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Artificial Intelligence

Sensexpanel Mobile App uses its immensely successful proprietary algorithms to analyze the stock market and identify investment opportunities.

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Stocks Trade Signals

Sensexpanel Mobile App provides Stock trade signals with the highest success rate for intraday, short-term, medium-term, and long-term investments.

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Research & Analysis

Sensexpanel Mobile App covers all your stock market investment needs. It provides accurate and authentic stock market research and analysis.

About Sensex Panel Mobile App

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Sensex Mobile App is a dedicated mobile application for stock trade signals. The App is yet another development of Finscientist, a well-known Fintech company for developing high-end financial applications. The App serves every stock trader's needs with its user-friendly interface, highly accurate stock trade signals, and stock reports. It's available on both the play store and the app store, and it's available with a free 10-days demo account.

The App uses the proprietary algorithms of Finscientist to generate and deliver the stock trade signals for short, long, and mid-term investments. The proprietary algorithm combines proven investment strategies known for institutional investments. The App further refines the strategies using fundamental and technical analysis and well-established seasonality patterns. In addition, the App scans every stock through a vigorously predefined checklist to issue any trade signal.

Sensex Mobile App is currently the only mobile App providing stock trade signals for multiple markets, including the US, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. It has the highest success rate and works equally well for retail and institutional investors. The App also provides stock reports and a unique checklist to analyze the performance of any stock. These features help to shortlist the right stocks and quickly build a high-performing successful stock market portfolio with minimal effort.

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SensexPanel Mobile App Features

One App for all your stock market investment needs
  • Comprehensive Analysis

    Sensexpanel Mobile App provides a detailed analysis of every stock, including its technical and fundamental outlook and a detailed checklist.

  • Three Types of Signals

    Short-term, medium-term, and long-term stock trade signals to invest according to your investment style and objectives.

  • Stock Health & Score

    The App brings the health and score of each stock it recommends. It's one of the easiest ways to evaluate and analyze a stock.

  • Multiple Exchanges

    Get highly accurate stock trade signals for indian stock markets, including NSE and BSE Stocks.

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  • Higher Accuracy Rate

    Sensexpanel Mobile App delivers the stock trading signal with over 80% accuracy, so you can invest and grow your portfolio confidently.

  • Instant Trade Signal Alerts

    Get instant trade signals alerts on the availability of new trade signals as well as the opening and closing of a trade signal.

  • Easy To Use Signals App

    The Sensexpanel Mobile App has an easy-to-use interface that lets you navigate quickly and get all the information.

  • Ideal App For any Investor

    With its advanced features and high success rate, the Sensexpanel Mobile App is equally useful for regular retail and institutional investors.

Sensex Panel Mobile App Video

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Types of Trade Signals

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Intraday Signals

Updated Daily

The Intraday stock trade signals allow the investor to make substantial profits in a shorter period of time. These signals are flexible as the investment does not remain locked for an extended period of time. Typically a intraday trade can stay open for couple of days. On the Sensexpanel Mobile App, the intraday trade signals are updated daily within one hour of exchange closing of the country.

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Short Term Signals

Updated Daily

The short-term stock trade signals allow the investor to make profits in a short period of time. These signals are flexible as the investment does not remain locked for an extended period of time. Typically a short-term trade can stay open for few days to couple of weeks. On the Sensexpanel Mobile App, the short-term trade signals are updated daily within one hour of exchange closing of the country.

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Mid Term Signals

Updated Daily

Mid-Term Trade signals offer the opportunity to benefit from a more bullish rally in the market. Generally, with a mid-term investment approach, the market provides a chance to enter at a reasonable price, and for that, the Sensexpanel Mobile App is handy as it sends you all the trade signals for your mid-term investment. The mid-term trade signals are updated daily after exchange closing.

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Long Term Signals

Updated Daily

Long-term trade signals are ideal for those investors who cant trade more actively and want to earn from a bigger market move that spans over a relatively long period. Long-term trades generally stay open from a few weeks to a few months and generate substantial profit. On the Sensexpanel Mobile App, the long-term trade signals are updated daily within one hour after exchange closing.

Comprehensive Analysis

Investing without the proper research and analysis is like being on a battlefield without any weapons. That is why the analysis is the core component of any investment strategy. However, performing the necessary analysis is difficult, especially for new stock market investors. It requires gathering all the essential information and compiling it to make investment decisions. It is time-consuming, and most investors lack the ability and end up losing their investment.

We have included a comprehensive analysis section on the Sensexpanel Mobile App for these reasons. The analysis is included with every trade signal in the App, so you don't have to look at any other source. You will have all the basic information, including the market cap average volume, beta, earning dates, etc. In addition, the App also provides you with stock performance information.

We have also included a health and score section, which is ideal for evaluating any stock. These health and scoring levels pinpoint every aspect of a stock from an investing perspective. There is also a stock checklist which includes dozens of checks such as a company's growth, debt, its technical indications, and much more. All this information will help you better understand the stock and invest confidentially using the Sensexpanel Mobile App Trade Signals App.

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